Sunset Portrait

I've got about 30 minutes before I need to be seated in class, but I thought I would go ahead and do my post so that I'm not trying to write it late tonight :)

The first weekend in October was fall break at my school, so naturally I convinced a fellow student to traipse around the town with me to take some portraits. I'm fairly certain that I've shown Brandi on here before, but here she is again anyway :)

Brandi V.

Brandi V.

Brandi V.

Brandi V.

Brandi V.

Brandi V.

Brandi V.

Brandi's Hat

Let me know what you think of them :)


(ps, I want to apologize for missing my last day, midterms...)


Lately {a Thursday post by Rachel Nicole}

{We're still getting everything set up and figured out, we'll have our need ideas up soon!}
{explanation of why this post is late at the end}


...i've been figuring out the manual mode on my camera, and. goodness, guys, i'm in love with it. I can see the  difference! 

... been addicted to hot chocolate. my only excuse is that hot chocolate is great for fall weather.

...been dying to go outside with my little sister, weather to go to the park, or just outside to take pictures of late blooming flowers or leaves. (she loves cameras, too. I let her use one of my old ones)

...black and white pictures have been my favorite.

...been doing so.much.school. I literally just got done doing chemistry. it's the worst thing ever, and the problems are so picky, and i just get so confused by the organization  you have to remember everything in your head. lol, just a little advice. if you're trying to do chemistry, go somewhere quiet, don't listen to anything. with words. i learned that the hard way.

...ive been loving this fall weather, and the fashions... gah!

...ive been seriously loving black backgrounds (or white) with one main focal point.

...i've been trying to capture motion in pictures.

Lately Lately Lately Lately Lately Lately Lately Lately Lately Lately Lately Lately

1) a girl at a church event
2) chalk
3) hot chocolate steam
4) Bible
5) lampshade
6) history
7) my little sister reading curious george
8) my math
9) my other younger sisters' math
10) an eraser shoe
11) flowers
12) leaf

Guess That Picture

the last picture:

if you guessed light bulb/lamp/light, you were correct!

next picture:
what IS that?

have fun!

you all be good, now, and tell me, which picture was your favorite?

Rachel Nicole

ps- I know I posted this on Friday, my apologies. I had this post all written up, and the pictures uploaded to Flickr, but then Flickr decided to act up (like it does every single time i'm using it. argh...) So, you get it a day late. 


Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta!

Hello dear followers!

October marks a month of much excitement around my state. For one week in October, people from all around the world come to the annual Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, in which hot air balloons descend every morning from Balloon Fiesta Park. It's a beautiful sight, and very exciting for the people who live here and come to see it. At night, there's an event where the balloons are lit up and make like huge lanterns. And there aren't just run-of-the-mill-shaped balloons, there are also some called the Special Shapes, that can be anything from bees to Darth Vader to aliens to carriages.

The balloon fiesta started on Sunday, and yesterday I managed to get some pictures of balloons that came very close to my house. They were beautiful, especially against the bright blue sky that we have often here.

Have any of you ever seen the balloon fiesta up-close and personal? :)

Have a great week!



My Explanation (A.J.)

I'm so sorry I didn't post yesterday, but I have an explanation.
I lost my USB cable and I can't find one anywhere.
Last night when I could have asked my dad for his USB, he was using the computer.
So I have no pictures to share.
I'll try my best to find my USB and I will post next time. :)
Have a great weekend!