flowers + bokeh // a Friday post by Rachel (5)

Hello all you people! I got some really gorgeous pictures yesterday.
(they got very out of order :P, so, yeah, they're very un-in-order. XD couldn't think of the right word.)

a fish

water droplets! XD

so.clear. <3

okay, this may be a little gross. (i have to agree) but, this picture turned out so... ... ...
i dont know the word.

my hands look so... horrid. :P

let me be honest. I am not a fan of 'inside flower pictures', but this one turned out pretty nice. ;)

Ooh! Boots! ;) I just think these pictures are cute. <3

and, can you say BOKEH!? I mean, really. I got some really nice bokeh in these pictures, agreed?
(btw, have you added 'bokeh' to your computer word dictionary yet? If not, you totes should)

now we have some diamond bokeh. XD

Oh and this one? New favorite... ;) along with the bokeh ones and the butterfly one (ill show it at the end of this post just because i'm awesome like dat. ;) )

I was trying to get bokeh AND sun glare and clear, but it didn't work very well. ah, well. I have time to experiment. ;)

When you first saw this you thought it was water, right? Well, it isn't. but if you stare it it, your eyes will start playing tricks on you and it will look like it's moving. try it! I did.

And here is the promised butterfly photo:
I mean, seriously isn't that just an AMAZING picture!?
It looks even better printed out. XD
Any favorites?

Guess That Picture
last week's picture:

this week's picture is this:

What is that?