About Rachel Nicole

A Blast From The Past In Which I Educate You in Blog Design A Blast From The Past A Blast From The Past A Blast From The Past
I am 15
and I love photography, design and DIY. I post about all these topics and more here.
I really started getting serious about it in early 2012.
On August 30th 2012 I got my Nikon D5100.
I like portrait photography, lifestyle photography and nature photography best.

I am the founder of this site, if you need help, come to me.
(you can email me here.)

To learn more about me, visit my blog.

I hope you enjoy this site and check back often. We really have fun here, and hope you will, too.

Rachel Nicole

More from my corner of the world:
Rachel Nicole -- 365 Pictures (challenge completed March 22nd 2013)

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