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Leaving on a Jet Plane

Hello! My name is Karalee, pronounced Care-a-Lee (not Car-Lee). At 20, I believe that I am the eldest of all the contributors . I'm a liberal arts major at college in the deep south (North Louisiana). For those of you who don't know, liberal arts does NOT mean that I'm going to be an artist. It means that my college education will be very diverse and include classes everywhere from math to writing to history and foreign languages. I'm not really sure what I want to do with my life yet, I come up with new ideas everyday, so a very diverse education is just what I need. :)

I love all types of photography but one of my favorite types is portraiture.

Hector, Denver, and Olivia

Hector, Denver, and Olivia

Hector, Denver, and Olivia

Pink Hair

Elizabeth D.


Why is glitter so much fun?

Katie S.

I have lots of very beautiful friends at college and they love having pictures taken :)

Portraits have such a way of expressing the soul and style that I absolutely love.


Brandi V.


Olivia M.

A Southern Winter

The Boys

Portraits are not the only thing I like though. We live in an amazing world, and my goal is to preserve as much of the beauty as I can through photography.

Egg Homework

Egg Homework


Flowers with Water


Spring Blooms

It's a Beautiful Day

I also happen to have a small addiction to self portraits, so be prepared :)

Hearts and Kisses

I can't wait to see what wonderful photographs come out of this great collaboration, but I'm sure the memories will be even better :)


You can find more of me and more of my photography by following the links below :)

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