The Run-Down Shed (by A.J.)

In my backyard is a shed.  It's practically falling over, and it's a very gaudy shade of pink.  But, the cracks and ridiculous color makes it immensely photogenic.  :)

It's in need of a paint job . . .

The big mysterious hole I believe a friend made by hitting it with a bat. :D

Another hole... (see what I mean by run-down?)

 I also took some photos of different things around my yard.

There used to be a tire swing there, that's the story with that frayed rope.

And there's the tire swing.

I used the wrong setting on my camera for this, but I still think it looks pretty cool. :)

This is facing my neighbor's house.

Have a great weekend!


Portraits Etc.

{My apologies for being late, I got caught up in some things :) }

 I absolutely love taking portraits.  I don't think I will ever get tired of taking them. There are so many different poses, clothing choices, accessories, locations and themes to choose from. I love both creating characters and showing the personalities of real characters. The one reason that I dislike summer is that, being away from school, I don't have as many willing friends to be subjected to my imagination. I did manage to finally put together a shoot before I left and somehow failed to show the images until now. Since I've been back, I haven't had time to do much, but I did get together with a friend to do her senior photos :)

Oh yeah, and when I can't get other people to photograph, I sometimes like to practice on myself :)

When I don't feel like taking pictures of myself, I photograph my snacks.

That's all for this week! I hope you enjoyed the pictures! Be sure to tell me which ones you really like :)



something a little different, yet just as awesome // a Monday post by Rachel (7)

okay, so I know this is going to be a little different, but it's JUST as awesome. I promise you.
I have been taking lots of mini stopmotions lately. And here is a video of them all together.
It's awesome. Just letting you know. Please let me know what you think of it, too. ;]

Guess That Picture
Last weeks' picture was this:

If you guessed...
cake- you were correct!

This weeks picture:
What is that?

okay, well you all have a nice day. (or night)

xoxo, Rachel Nicole

ps- Happy Memorial Day! I don't like to do posts about Holidays because everyone does them... That's why I didn't- if you were wondering. 


a Thursday post

Bekah here! I haven't taken very many pictures lately, but here are a few. :)


Have a great day!
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