About Quinlyn

Hello everyone!

My name is Quinlyn and I am 15 years old, schooled at home and a Christian as well. I love to take pictures and look at other people's photography--some of it blows the charts! Photographs are a form of art, and there are so many ways to paint a picture that everyone can have their unique sense of style. I take pictures of nature, landscapes, inanimate objects (such as dolls) and people (when they let me, or frankly, even if they don't...) My other hobbies include my doll collection, writing, reading (I usually have several books going at once), singing, and even drawing when I've a mind to. I am slightly strange and like to use big words in my writing, something that I may or may not do correctly. I hope you enjoy moments of slight breathless awe when you look at my photos...Just kidding! ;) Enjoy.


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