Lots of Catching Up!

According to my name tag on the blog, it would appear as though my last post was.... in early December. 

Please accept my most sincere apology for that. 

We are desperately trying to get the blog up an running again, so in my own effort to restart, I'm going to go through my flickr and show you some of the photos that I've taken in the first half of the year. 
That way, I can focus all of my upcoming posts on new things that are happening :)

Do be warned, six months is a long time, and this post will be VERY long.

During the last six months I:

Molded and painted chocolates.
Chocolates, Anyone?
Babysat some adorable kids.
J & E

Forced my siblings to let me take a picture of all three of us.
I would have prefered all five, but that's like asking for daytime rain in the desert.
Remember that time I tortured my siblings?

Made myself stand in the cold for pictures in a new dress.
Silver Decorations

Turned 20 with my brother and some awesome cakes made by my mom. (Katniss: Girl on Fire for me and a little Duck Dynasty humor for my brother)

Birthday Cakes 2013

Birthday Cakes 2013

Took what will probably be my forever-favorite picture of my brother. It just demonstrates his personality perfectly.

Started learning a new language with a new alphabet.
Back to the Basics

Back to the Basics

Took some new pictures of two of my friends.
A Southern Winter

A Southern Winter

A Southern Winter

A Southern Winter

Played with black and white to learn more about color.

Tried a few new things.
Glancing Outward

Played in Photoshop a little.
Grow a Garden

Took some portraits of one of my sorority sisters.
Katie S.

Took some [adorable] self-portraits.
Hearts and Kisses

Sent a note to heaven.
Little Red Balloon

Got a little sad, and took pictures of it.

Watched spring creep in slowly...
Breaking Through

and then take over full force.
Spring Blooms

It's a Beautiful Day

More pictures of myself. I get a little bored sometimes.
It's late afternoon and we've got nothin' else to do

Visited my sister in NC and took some pictures of my niece.

Gripping Flowers

Took photos for my photography class.

Flowers with Water

Flowers with Water

Took some pictures of my friends who wanted "family pictures"
The Boys

Forced my roommate outside so that I could get a few shots before they mowed the small field behind the dorms.
Olivia M.

Olivia M.

Did family pictures for a friend of mine and senior pictures for her sister.

Lauren S.

Went to the senior dance concert at school (It was Fabulous!)
Senior Dance Concert

Created some cheesy images for my class portfolio.
Candy Wizard cropped cloud

Turned water into magic.
Add a Little Magic to the World

Helped some shelter puppies get adopted.
Hope for Paws Summer 2013

Hope for Paws Summer 2013

Moved into a new house and played with the lighting in my room.
It's Summer, I'll wear what I wish.

Started a new blog that features the meals I make for myself as a first-time "responsible" grownup.
You can check it out here. I took a little break memorial weekend, but I'll be starting up again on monday.
23 may 2013-5

Whew! Now I believe I am ready to really get back into this blog :)



working on it... // my life lately

so, we're still working on getting this site back up and running. we hope to finalize things before summer. ha!
lots and lots has happened lately in my life.
First, I took a break in March, and revamped my whole site/refreshed my mind and my site. (and even changed the name!) 
Now I do what I love, and love doing it. Check it out here!
Oh, and pictures from my life, of course:
(in no order - these are all mixed up)
(In each of the captions there should be a link to something, so go ahead and click on what interests you! Or all of it. I won't say anything.)
also, view my recent photography posts here.
what i do.
I finished my 365 photo challenge on March 22nd. :)
Out for a Walk
I took a walk and took some pictures for a challenge
Easter Eggs
some of our Easter eggs were very pretty
DIY Painted Geometric Moleskine Notebook
I made this awesome notebook, and am growing my collection of DIY's.
Everything Will Be Okay...
I have designed a few things. and have opened my new design site.
b&w rocks.
Mockingjay Necklace
i love necklaces.
Profiles Profiles 
I made these jeggings for my shop, and posted about them here and here.
ask me a question on my blog!
I'm doing a vlog and need questions.
A Very Special Delivery 
I got a new camera bag!
April Showers Bring May Flowers
Spring is coming (finally)
what i do.
I've been doing a lot of designing lately, and talk about it here.
Also, I'm doing the Blog Every Day In May challenge.
A Very Special Delivery
and, best of all, I can post pictures of people on the internet and myself! This is me.
Which photo is your favorite? Do you follow my blog? Which piece of news is your favorite? What's going on in your life? Make a post like this and leave the link. I'd love to see!

ps- I also have an Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Vimeo