A Bunch of Boring Drills (by A.J.)

I completely forgot that today was my day to post until last night (I know, that's been happening too often on my part lately), and this morning I was extremely busy, so all I have are a few photos of . . . drills.  These were taken about a month or so ago, at my very last CO-OP.  

Haha, see Shane in the back?  And I thought I beheld a normal photo.


A Trip to the Gardens

Almost a week ago, my friend Elizabeth and I took a trip to the local Botanical Gardens. Between working and taking pictures for the Little Miss Playthings contest, I haven't had time for too many other pictures, so I will show you some of my favorites from our little trip :)

First, we sat on a nice bench...

Then we brought out the flower headband and sat on a different bench :)

We looked down...

We looked up...

And we looked into the wind.

We played with dandelions.

We played with water.

We played Princess.

We sat under a tree.

And we liked sitting under the tree soooo much...

That we couldn't resist having it in black and white as well :)

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! Have you ever visited your local botanical gardens? The one where I live isn't fabulous, but it was alright. I would really like to take a bit of free time this summer to visit one of the local plantations, which are much nicer :) Until then, I guess I'll just have to find some satisfactory places that are a little more "do-able" with my schedule :)



Life Lately || via Pictures {a Monday post by Rachel}

Here's a peek into what I've been doing lately (and a peek into what's coming to my blog. So stay tuned here):

1- me with glasses
2- me without glasses
3- flutes
4- my NaNo cover picture
5- books i was/am reading
6- a camping chair
7- camping sites stay/leave thing
8- berries
9- bacon cooking over a fire
10- beach towel on grass
11- book page (with bokeh!)
12- butterfly
13- silhouette (sneak peek esp!) 
14- camping lantern at night
15- marshmallows roasting (yumm)
16- volleyball net
17- birds
18- another silhouette (by the beach)
19- like the above but not silhouette
20- beach towels
21- turtle picture side view
22- turtle picture front view
23- something cool that I wont talk about yet (my lips are sealed)
24- the leaning tower of babel. Of course i'm kidding. its just some cool tipping monument.
25- fire
26- cool mirror at a restaurant.

as i said, this is a sneak peek. There are about 7 times this amount of pictures that i still want to share with you. But it will be in a movie, so much more condensed. ;)

-Rachel Nicole

ps- since its late and i am getting a headache there will be no GtP. Sorry! Next time though! Go ahead and keep guessing! click here.


The Awkward First Post-ness

HAH! I'm not late! I still have about two minutes. :3
(Sorry this is so very nearly late, my internet is about as nice as Sirius Black's mother. -.-)
My name is Jeneca (from Jeniqua), I'm a girl (obviously) I like to take pictures (obviously) and one of my favorite things in the whole world is my camera! (obviously). I'm normally pretty random, spazzmatic and happy. Usually.
Anyway, enough about me, here is what you all probably clicked this post for.
You're most likely trying to decide whether or not you should even bother to look at my posts every time I do post. (first impressions matter...!)
So, I'm going to be quiet now and and you can look at my stuff and finish that highly important decision on whether or not I'm worth looking at.

 (Friends dog, Lexi)

(Jade Plants)

(My camera's refection in the mirror thingy on the side of the car at a bank)

(Woodpecker out on the hill behind our house)

(Some wildflower that smells WONDERFUL)

So, That's my first post! :3