Randomness. {By: Kellee}

Hello, everyone!!  I hope everybody's week is going fantastically... Mine has been SUPER busy, so I haven't really had time to take a whole lot of pictures, but I'll give ya what I've got. :) 
I've had finals stuff to do all week long - yesterday I took my Spanish final, and today I have my Pre-Cal final, then my Safety & First Aid final.  Yuck.
I've been doing quite a lot with my nieces and nephews lately - Both of brother's kids spent the night Saturday and went to church with us on Sunday, and last night two of my sister's kids spent the night with us, and today we're all going to our lake house to spend the night - hopefully there I'll get some pictures! :)
I guess you didn't come here to listen to me tell you about my busy week, did you?! :)
Here's some randomness for you:

 These two were taken in Branson, MO... I haven't already shown y'all these, have I??  I took them like two months ago, but I kinda forgot about them. :)

 This one is on the stairs at our lake house.  :)  I like cute socks. :D
Have a great day, y'all - I'll see you in two weeks!!


Branson, Missouri! {{A Friday Post by Carolyn}}

  Long time no post!  :P  I am seriously so, so, so, sorry.  Time has gotten away from me, I've forgotten to post, I've just . . . been rather terrible about FTP.  And I really am sorry, guys.

  Well, to make up for that, you're going to see my vacation pictures!  I can't post all of them, as some of them have my cousins in them and such. :]  But, be expecting LOTS of pictures.  XD

  On our way to Branson, there were these beautiful limestone bluffs.  Want to know how they got there?  Before the roads were here, it was just limestone upon limestone.  Then they carved it away and made our roads!  Quite a process!  :D

  As you can see, they go on and on.  They're very pretty.  :]

Sorry that some of these are pretty blurry.  I was sitting in a moving car.  XD

  At Branson Landing {a place to shop} there's this water show with this fountain that's set to music.  It's SO cool!  If you look closely, you can see a little rainbow!

  My cousin's wet TOMS.  Yes, she's younger than me, and she has TOMS.  It's because they were her mom's, but they didn't fit her, so she gave them to her!  :D  But we got SPRAYED by the fountain!  It was so fun!  :]

  So, look forward to more posts from me!  :D

  Which picture was your favorite?  Comment below!



Random Objects (by A.J.)

So today I have pictures of a bunch of random objects, and at the end, I'll have you guess what the last picture is.  :)

Does a restroom count as a random object?

Mountain Dew CODE RED. <3

This one turned out really good.

Okay, what are THESE?  :)


Oh Hey, It's Me!

I miss being away at school. You know why? 

When I'm at school I have hundreds of people (and a handful of favorites) that love/tolerate me taking pictures of them.

At home during the summer?

No one. 

I got fed up with it yesterday, and decided that if I couldn't find anyone else to take pictures of, I would take pictures of myself!  I actually had so much fun :)

I know that I did a post sort of like this during the school year, but I just think that self portraits are such a fun way to watch how your own photography grows with you. I've changed so much in both the physical and photographic senses. Looking at what I can do now makes me so much more excited to see what I can do in the future :)

And now, my insanely conceited photo-dump :)

And here is one that's not of me, just for fun :)


Also, want to know something else I love about taking my own photos? 

The fact that you probably couldn't even tell that the shirt was way too small for me :)


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